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Eligibility Criteria

Everyone involved in Projects for Nature is partaking in a collective responsibility to help nature thrive. We’re all on a journey and we want to work with businesses who are committed to making a difference by both addressing their impacts and taking additional action for nature. We ask those signing up to confirm their commitment to the below.

The below requirements represent minimum eligibility criteria – unfortunately businesses who do not meet these will not be able to progress with donations through the Projects for Nature platform.

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Is your business eligible to donate?

To meet eligibility criteria all participating businesses must: 

a) be a UK registered company (Tax Identification / VAT Registration / Company Registration Number will be required / verified); and

b) confirm that they want to fund projects in addition to, and not instead of, actions which reduce carbon emissions, or any negative nature impacts of their operations and supply chains; and

c) deliver on at least 3 examples of environmental leadership set out below to demonstrate the steps they are taking towards assessing and addressing their impacts on the natural environment. 

To see examples of accepted demonstration of environmental leadership for big, medium and small business, and more details on the eligibility steps you will need to comply with, please refer to the Business Eligibility Criteria.

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Projects for Nature is currently only open to pre-approved business. If you are interested in being part of our future phase, please register your interest now and we'll get in touch if you are eligible for the next phase.

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